Daily words 19th November

Mellifluous – having smooth, fluent sound  The small talk he made with the staff who rewarded him by being on mellifluous terms with his name. Heterogeneous – made up of different parts The group was nothing if not heterogeneous. Perplexed – unable to understand or think clearly I adore you perplexed. Flopped – to swing […]

Daily words 17th November

Balk – refuse to except The students were willing to clean up the broken glass, but when the teacher asked them to mop the entire floor, they balked, citing reasons why they needed to leave. Impermeable – sealed The sand bags placed on the river formed an impermeable barrier, protecting the town from flooding. Analogous […]

Daily words 15th November

Coalesce – fuse Over time, the various tribes coalesced into a single common culture with one universal language. Begrudge – envy Sitting all alone in his room, Harvey begrudged the happiness of the other children playing outside his window. Grovel – show fear Every time Susan comes to the office, Frank grovels as if she were about to fire. Hamstrung […]

Daily words 13th November

Uncanny- strange, unsettling Reggie has an uncanny ability to connect with animals: feral cats will readily approach him, and sometimes even wild birds will land on his finger. Screed – abusive rant Joey had difficulty hanging out with his former best friend Perry, who, during his entire cup of coffee, enumerated all of the government’s deficiencies–only to […]

Daily words 11th November

Decimation – complete destruction The decimation after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is incomprehensible. Derogative – insulting Never before have we seen a debate between two political candidates that was so derogative and filthy. Staid – serious dignified Frank came from a staid environment, so he was shocked that his college roommate sold narcotics. Embroiled […]

Daily words 9th November

Slapdash – hastily put together The office building had been constructed in a slapdash manner, so it did not surprise officials when, during a small earthquake, a large crack emerged on the façade of the building. Pithy – concise yet expressive I enjoy reading the Daodejing for its pithy and insightful prose; it always gives me something […]

Daily Words 29th October

Wanton – showing no limits Due to wanton behavior and crude language, the drunk man was thrown out of the bar and asked to never return. Perquisite – exclusive rights Even as the dishwasher at the French restaurant, Josh quickly learned that he had the perquisite of being able to eat terrific food for half the price diners would […]